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Battery Warehouse

About Us

Oleg has an extensive background in electrical engineering, having studied in the field. Working in the battery business has expanded his knowledge and expertise to understand and comprehend anything from batteries to electrical and plumbing. He purchased the business from Bill & Dolly Eshbaugh in 2004, studied the business for 3 months, before completely taking it over. He brought the business into the 21st century with computerized inventory and tracking. He is the brains of the operation, running the shop, overseeing sales, inventory control, anything and everything it takes to run a successful business. He has expanded the repertoire of the business to include not just batteries, but anything related and added hydraulic hoses to the inventory. He has learned the trade, just as he has learned batteries, fairly quickly. He enjoys interacting with his long time customers and serving the local community with his products.

Oksana has joined the business when she married Oleg in 2006. She has an accounting degree and uses it daily by keeping the books, running payroll, and overall management of a Chief Financial Officer. Since 2006 Oleg & Oksana had 2 beautiful daughters that kept Oksana busy in the early childhood years, while continuing to keep up with the bookkeeping. She is knowledgeable in the business and has learned the trade along side her husband. When the need arises, Oksana enjoys helping and interacting with customers.

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